About Us

Megumi Footwear Ltd. is a leading Footwear Company that is into the designing and creation of leather & Leather Goods that includes both men’s and women’s leather shoes & sandals.

In accordance with the developments in the world of Footwear manufacturing, this leather Footwear manufacturer, exporter and supplier tries to integrate the best in design technology and superior leather quality to produce men’s and women’s leather Shoes & Sandals that redefine fashion and take it to the next level.

Our men’s and women’s leather Goods have every feature required to make a definitive fashion statement.

Megumi Footwear Ltd will enable you to give your personality an individualistic flavor. With over 4 years of experience in the competitive leather Footwear industry, our proficiency as a leather Goods manufacturer allows us to provide our customers with the absolute word in quality, durability, and affordability.

Megumi Footwear Ltd.has started the mission with perfection of quality to the people of Japan. It has started the exports beginning to the Japanese customer. It has two storied building with full shaded. The total construction structured standing over on the 30,000sft of basement. It has one sewing Line, One Lasting line & one finishing line. The total number of employee’s 350 person including shoe worker. The total number of Production capability is 700 pairs per day. Megumi Footwear Ltd, the leather Footwear manufacturer exporter supplier, is also adept at providing personalized, made-to-order goods, which can satisfy all types of client requirements.

For, us the customer is king, and all our processes are geared to provide the best of service and all round value to our valued clients.

So, if you are looking for leather Goods in a myriad of patterns and styles, then look no further than Megumi footwear Ltd.